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Named Awards

Sue Wall Painting Award - Untitled by Ewuresi Archer

Mary Ann and Jack Katzenmeyer Award for Outstanding Craft
- Strata by Elias Betchik

David and Ann Deming Award - Double Suspension by David Ross

Almut and Gary Zvosec Award - Girl Scout Law by Megan Lubey

Karen Skunta & Company Design Excellence Award - Cantilever by Adam Goss

Trznadel Family Award - Ghada by Anny Nguyen

The Christopher Gentner Creativity Award  - Pussy! by Sebastian Schenz

The Gwen Cooper ’63 Award - Remain Myself by Derek Walker

Board Prizes

Grand Prize - Remain Myself by Derek Walker

Second Prize - Girl Scout Law by Megan Lubey

Third Prize - Ghada by Anny Nguyen

The Nunes Family Prize - Compression by Ash Sark

Honorable Mention with Distinction - The Scribe by Maxmillian Peralta

Honorable Mention with Distinction - Carburetor No. 4 by Seneca Kuchar

Honorable Mention with Distinction - Veins by Cale Ours

Honorable Mention with Distinction - Compression by Ash Sark

Honorable Mention - Ethereal Gaze by Crystal Miller

Honorable Mention - Assless Chaps by Frank Hadzima

Honorable Mention - Untitled by Ewuresi Archer

Honorable Mention - Fairy Home by Greyley Cook

Honorable Mention - Untitled 6 by Noah Zirpoli

Honorable Mention - Shifts by Nick Birnie

Honorable Mention - Strata by Elias Betchik

Honorable Mention - Greatest Show on Earth by Theo Papadimoulis

Thank You

CIA Staff and Board Members

Nikki Woods

Paul Sydorenko

Tom Kassai

Matt Minnich

Rich Sarian

Alex Burrage

Matt Smith

Tom Hamilton

Grafton Nunes

Cynthia Gascoigne
Student Volunteers

Sakurako Reed

Liana Gonzalez

J Jordi Rowe

Reagan Hintz

Sydney Nicole Kay

Elias Betchik

Jay Peperone

Justin Frohlich

Elle Maraccini

Sam Lynn

Ethan Vodrey

CIA Student Independent Exhibition 2020, Cleveland 
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